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Our Mission

Though established in 2013, TRITON was born in the mind of founder Reese Baez decades before, when while working in the diverse sectors of construction he noted a lack of service quality, personal respect and (though not an immediate threat to project outcomes) an overall deficiency in fun. After all, Reese  truly enjoys construction. It’s his life’s work and a point of pride. Why not create an atmosphere that not only rewards but also celebrates a commitment to clients and fellow team members? And from that initial query came TRITON’s founding philosophy: Always do what’s right. Always be respectful. And always be improving.

It’s the latter part of the company’s ideology that keeps TRITON a step ahead and several rungs above most general contractors. TRITON continually evaluates individual subcontractors and vendor partners as well as analyzes its overall performance in order to improve its people, processes and technologies. The ultimate goal being to better predict project value and deliver on key performance indicators for its clients.

To keep on track, TRITON leverages a host of best-in-class digital workflow, collaboration and project software solutions, as well as adheres to stringent reporting methodologies. While these tools help to mobilize TRITON’s talent for delivering impressive results, it’s the company’s diverse experience that really brings it to fruition.

Whether overseeing budget development and design teams, negotiating estimates and proposals or ensuring schedules and safety standards are met, TRITON General Contractors is well versed in all aspects of construction. And that translates into more thoughtful decisions to support tighter budgets while adhering to higher-quality construction standards.


Our team

Triton General Contractor fosters a culture of bringing the best talent to the table to make every project a success.


The family culture is built on core values of mutual integrity, respect, and trust.  As we grow, we will continue to hire the best people, instill a positive work atmosphere and help them grow in their professional development. 

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