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The Pre-Construction phase of any project is the foundation Triton General Contractor employs to insure a successful outcome for the job.  During this phase, we work diligently to provide the client a detailed analysis of their project.  Triton General Contractor will complete detailed take-offs and work hand-in-hand with potential subcontractors to develop an all inclusive proposal so our client will have no surprises during the construction process.  Our estimating staff works to provide a proposal based on the Construction Documents, but take it a step further to provide value engineering possibilities for our client to have options. 

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Triton’s Pre-Construction and Project Management Teams coordinate to ensure all information gathered during the pre-construction phase is known.  The Project Management team consists of, at a minimum, the following personnel; Principal/Project Manager, Superintendent, Project Engineer, and Support Staff.  The team will be expanded for larger and more complex projects.  We work together with designers and their consultants, subcontractors, suppliers, City Officials, and Owner so all daily project activities are managed for a successful outcome.

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Triton General Contractor offers Construction Management services on behalf of our clients.  In this service, we provide our clients with total project coordination.  Triton General Contractor does not replace the general contractor, but serves as the clients intermediary to assist in the construction process.  Triton General Contractor oversees all aspects of the construction process to bring the project to an on-time completion while maximizing the client’s budget.

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At Triton, Pre-Construction is the single most critical phase of any project.  During this phase, we work to provide detailed analysis and value engineering for the project.  Along with this, we establish goals for the project to exceed our client’s expectations.


Our Project Management team works hand-in-hand with the pre-construction team, client, designers, building officials, and subcontractors to maximize profitability for the client, while ensuring the project is completed safely, on-time, and with the highest quality.


Our Project Management team and support staff work with the subcontractors to provide the client with all pertinent documentation at project completion.  This consists of all warranties, manuals, and as-built documents.


Should any issues arise during the warranty period, Triton General Contractor employs personnel dedicated to the investigation and completion of the issue to satisfactory completion.

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